Simply Portugal Soaps


We at Simply Portugal Soaps love three things.

We love to keep things simple, using natural ingredients to make the best and most beautiful soaps we can.

We love Portugal; with its wild landscapes and beautiful climate it is ideal to cultivate the fattest olives for our olive oil and nurture our goats for milk.

And we love soap; we believe that soap, although simple, should be beautiful. We use it every day but we think that soap should be a luxury as well as a necessity, that it should smell like the Portuguese hills on a summer’s day and should feel like you have been wallowing in a bath of milk and honey even if you’ve only had time for a quick shower.

We love our soaps and we hope that you do too. If you have any comments or would like to find out more then please send us an email at:


We can send your soaps to anywhere in the UK and Europe, using the Royal Mail's Standard Parcel pricing. This is calculated by weight, so when you place your order please select the number of soaps you are purchasing, to calculate the correct shipping costs. The final costs will then be calculated for your when you reach the checkout. If you want us to ship elswhere in the world, or if you have a very large order, then please do get in touch and we can let you know how much it will be!

Where the soaps come from…

Many of the ingredients for our soaps are grown and harvested in the heart of Portugal, on the farm at Lagares.

The goat’s milk which makes the soaps rich and creamy is provided by our lovely neighbour’s goats, and the olives are grown on site and pressed locally in the region’s co-operative.

We try to use ethical products and as many natural ingredients as possible, as well as taking full advantage of the countryside around where we produce. Our soaps are all handmade by soap maestro Shelley and family, and are made in batches so they may vary in colour and texture a little from time to time.